I Want A Cheap Education For My Daughter

Posted on November 27, 2011


One of my primary goals in educating my daughter is to develop her skills at being resourceful. To help her become talented at taking few resources and, through creativity and persistence, make the best of any situation.

I would be nervous about a school environment where she had access to the best of everything (I know this is generally not the situation at most schools, but I think it is held as an ideal and maybe it shouldn’t be). Honestly I would be nervous that she would get spoiled and wouldn’t have as much opportunity to develop her imagination, her creativity, her resourcefulness.

I’m more interested in an environment that has limited resources and forces my daughter to come up with imaginative ways to satisfy her own curiosities. To this day I enjoy the challenge of coming up with ideas, hunting for information, hacking things together with what ever I have around me, and creating something new and unique. These are the skills that have benefited me as an entrepreneur over the last decade and I believe them to be some of the most beneficial skills someone can develop.

The Internet has a wealth of free resources on it. It may require some hunting to find them, and they may be incomplete or even wrong, but that process of finding information, evaluating it to discover if it’s right or wrong or piecing it together from a number of different resources is a valuable skill in and of itself. The education that has been most relevant to me as an entrepreneur, a programmer, and a soon-to-be educator has come almost exclusively through this process. And it’s completely free (ok, it does require have an internet connectable computer and and internet connection, but it’s very inexpensive relative to most educational options).

That’s not all that I care about with regards to my daughter’s education, but it is a big piece of the puzzle. I don’t want her to ever think that she can’t accomplish something because she doesn’t have the necessary resources. I want her to scrap and scrape and be creative and be resourceful and attempt to figure out how to accomplish her goals with what ever resources she has, or, if necessary, how she can take the resources she has and transform them in to the resources she needs. These skills, in my opinion, are some of the most valuable in the real world, and I hope she has numerous opportunities to develop them during her education.

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