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Sports, Kids, and Pattern Matching

March 25, 2012


My friends and I are all passionate about sports. We all love to play basketball, football, tennis, golf, etc. We also follow sports passionately, even making the trip down to baseball’s spring training in Arizona every year. Now that we’re all starting to have kids we’ve started to think about how to approach sports with […]

Puzzle: Anything That Facilitates Pattern Recognition

March 24, 2012


I’ve been thinking more about how to best define a puzzle. What would we be trying to create at The Puzzle School? One definition of a puzzle I’ve been working with is anything that facilitates autonomy, progress, and purpose. So anything that allows you to approach the problem from a number of different perspectives (autonomy), […]

The Puzzle School: Step 1 = Find The Love, Start With Progress

March 21, 2012


At the heart of The Puzzle School, or really any educational effort I want to be involved in, would have to an environment that people love, a place people desperately want to spend time in. The easiest way to ensure that this is happening is to remove all requirements. You can’t require students to do […]

Pattern Recognition: At The Heart Of Entrepreneurship, Learning, And Puzzles

March 13, 2012


The main thesis behind Thinking Fast And Slow is that we utilize two systems of thinking. The first, System 1, requires very little energy and allows us to survive in a very complex world. At the heart of System 1 is pattern recognition that allows us to to instantly recognize a face, detect danger (a […]

The Puzzle School

March 12, 2012


Given the opportunity to start a school right now I think I would call it “The Puzzle School”. The Puzzle School would be focused on leveraging puzzles as an optimal way to engage students in learning. Why Puzzles? First of all, I’m using a loose definition of a puzzle. In order for me to consider […]