Essence Of The Puzzle School

Posted on May 6, 2012


This is what I’m hoping to encourage with The Puzzle School:

13 Year Old Invents Cure For Hiccups

A lot of people won’t see the connection between her efforts and solving puzzles. To me, though, solving puzzles is about seeking a goal through constant iterations. You know there’s an answer out there and you’re not going to settle until you’ve found it. You’re going try hundreds of iterations, wake up in the middle of the night with new ideas, and become immensely frustrated before eventually, when you least expect it, find a solution.

The thing is once you’ve found the solution it won’t be the end of the story because you’ll realize that the process was so enjoyable that you want to do it again and again and again and again.

At least this is how I feel. Although the end goal is certainly satisfying, it isn’t nearly as motivating as the process itself. The more motivating the process becomes, the more likely that you’ll be prolific in your work as well. You won’t always develop a cure for hiccups, but you will produce more, leading to more nuanced pattern matching and greater creativity.

The process is not exclusive to scientific or entrepreneurial endeavors. It applies equally well to writing, art, music, sports, engineering, architecture, politics, etc. Really I doubt there is a profession where this process would not be beneficial. This is the process I’m hoping to encourage with The Puzzle School.