A New Blog

Posted on September 5, 2013


I’ve started a new blog, chronicling the emotional ups and downs I go through as I build out The Puzzle School.

It’s called Startup Depression and the name is meant to reflect the very challenging emotional dips I’ve gone through both with my first start-up and The Puzzle School (which isn’t really a start-up, but it’s close enough). Despite the downer of a name I’m not really depressed, I’m just wrestling with enormously pessimistic and depressing emotions as I go through this.

It’s not an accurate portrayal of the state of things necessarily. It just represents the absurdly irrational ups and downs you go through. I went through the same ups and downs with my first start-up and it was a reasonable success.

I just thought it would be a bit cathartic to talk about the emotions as I go through them and might serve as an interesting heads-up to an aspiring entrepreneur about what they may expect as they take on the process of trying to build an organization from nothing…

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