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A Rant On Curriculum

November 29, 2013


We all know that you don’t need to know Trigonometry or Physics or Russian History or French to be successful in life. Millions of rich people have limited knowledge of these subjects. Most people who contribute to their communities, who give to charity or are great parents and role-models don’t remember anything about Calculus. I’d […]

Why do we want to micro-manage students?

November 6, 2013


Annie Murphy Paul just posted a blog post about interests and our ability to manipulate the interests of students. This discussion coincides with my exploration of Sudbury Valley schools very nicely. One of the main questions that Sudbury Valley schools raise is, “why do we want to micro-manage students?”. As in, even if we can […]

Is Socializing Productive?

November 4, 2013


Having spent a few days at Diablo Valley School I’ve begun to settle on one description of what I observed students primarily doing during their day: Socializing (a.k.a. spending time with and interacting with other people) Different students socialized in different ways and to different degrees and they weren’t always socializing (although some of the […]