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How Does This Not Blow Your Mind?

December 24, 2013


For the last 45 years Sudbury Valley schools (and before that Summerhill) have provided students with a K-12 educational environment where the students can do what ever they want, when ever they want all day long. There are no classes (unless requested), no tests, no homework. There are no requirements at all. The students spend […]

Stats On Schools

December 18, 2013


I just wanted to write down a few stats on schools I just ran across having a Twitter debate. 70% of Americans are unhappy at work due to lack of engagement (source) Only 14% of SVS alumni were dissatisfied with work due to financial situation (source) 63% of public school students go on to college […]

Impossible Learning

December 18, 2013


I’ve decided to relearn Calculus and document the learning process over at: Impossible Learning I’ve been wrestling with the process of learning for some time now. One of the biggest aspects of learning I’ve found is the disconnect between someone who understands something and someone who does not. This is frequently referred to as the […]

Chess, Minecraft, Marco Polo, and Khan Academy

December 16, 2013


Chess, Minecraft, Marco Polo, Khan Academy, card playing, a philosophical discussion on education, numerous make believe scenarios, learning the piano. I witnessed students engaging in each one of them today at the Sudbury Valley school I’ve been interning at twice a week. As I’ve settled in to the environment I’ve come to recognize the diversity […]

Introducing MakerParent

December 12, 2013


I’ve just launched a new website:   I kept coming across interesting projects that I could do with my kids and had thought about starting a blog around them when I realized it wouldn’t be much harder to create a website so that other people could add their favorite projects as well. Hence MakerParent […]

The Curriculum Debate Rages

December 10, 2013


There is an interesting series of blog posts going on between Deborah Meier and Robert Pondiscio about curriculum. The latest post from Robert can be found here: The Progressive Case for a Common Curriculum While I appreciate the debate, I don’t appreciate some of the techniques used. Here are some examples: You write that the […]

Nate Silver of Education?

December 8, 2013


I just stumbled across this blog post: It talks about Bruce Baker, who is trying to apply statistical analysis to look at all of the available data around education. I’ve just started digging in to his research, but it looks very interesting. Here is his blog: Much of his work seems to point […]