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You Can’t Predict The Future

March 25, 2014


Human beings are terrible at predicting the future once you have a certain level of complexity. A great example of this is going on right now with the NCAA tournament, where there are a number of upsets, but very few people who have successfully predicted them: When Picking a Bracket, It’s Easier to Be Accurate […]

The Closing Door

March 21, 2014


I’ve been trying to understand the deep fear that I see in so many parents, my wife and myself included, when I talk about the idea of a school that is run by the students, where the students are not forced to do anything against their will, where they can literally never attend a single […]

What If They Play Video Games All Day?

March 11, 2014


“I don’t want our kids playing video games for 12 hours a day” This has become a sticking point between my wife and me as we debate education. I’ve come to believe that children will thrive when given complete autonomy (as long as they don’t infringe on the autonomy of someone else – the same […]

Raw Teaching

March 7, 2014


If you are an educator and haven’t read Justin Aion’s blog then I highly recommend it. He’s providing a great deal of transparency and thought in to the raw emotions that he, as a teacher, goes through on a daily basis. It’s a pretty rough experience report. Here’s one example of a day where you […]

Forcing Others To Do Things

March 4, 2014


I fundamentally believe in letting children do what they want. I’ve never experienced a situation where it felt effective to force a child to do something against their will. Sometimes it is necessary much like it is necessary for the government to force citizens to pay taxes (with my daughter this usually revolves around messes, […]