A Design Framing

Posted on June 7, 2015


I’ve become obsessed with “framings” recently. By which I mean “putting a specific context around an idea that helps you think through it from a different perspective”.

I’ve been designing TheBestListEver because I don’t have any professional designer to work with on this project. I’ve also wanted to improve my design skills for some time now as I’m increasingly aware of how valuable design is in general.

My design skills and knowledge are still very lacking, but I am able to put something together that is reasonably intuitive and doesn’t look terrible if I use frameworks such as Materialize.

Today, though, I had a bit of an epiphany, or at least came up with a framing for design that really resonated.

“Design is the process through which you enable each component to be effective toward it’s specific goal within the context of a holistic, unifying story”

It’s not the only framing you could explore “design” within, but it is an interesting one and it reflected the process I go through:

  1. Envision a larger story/objective
    • In this case it was TheBestListEver as a holistic product
  2. Determine the individual components that make up the larger story
    • These would be the features for TheBestListEver
  3. Execute a component, ensuring it does it’s job effectively
    • Get one specific feature working (maybe the ability to add a recommendation)
  4. Take a step back and ensure the design of that component fits the overall holistic story
    • Does the current design fit with the holistic story. If not then maybe change the design of the component or potentially revise the story.
  5. Rinse and repeat until you have all the necessary components to meet the needs of the holistic story, all designed to be effective toward their specific goals while fitting within the holistic environment

Maybe all of this is obvious to some people (or obviously wrong), but it clicked for me and I think will be a valuable way for me to think through design going forward. It encourages the examination of the holistic story along with the examination of each component to ensure that they fit the story while being effective toward their own specific objectives. You have to zoom in and out frequently to ensure quality design, which seems like a very worthwhile exercise.

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