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The Feynman Technique, Peer Instruction, and the Power of Feedback

September 22, 2016


This is part of an ongoing exploratory series on Educational Ideas I recently stumbled across a description of the technique that Nobel Prize-winning physicist, Richard Feynman used to enhance his learning process. You can read a short explanation here: The Feynman Technique Model The basic idea is to take what ever you are learning and try […]


July 30, 2016


This is part of an ongoing exploratory series on Educational Ideas I have to start by giving credit to Pivotal Labs for this technique. They use it with great success on every project. I’m sure many other companies use similar techniques as well. I’d guess there are many ways you could approach this problem, but […]

Educational Ideas

July 29, 2016


I’ve spent the last year exploring the possibility of starting The Puzzle School  in Cambridge, MA. I knew it was a long-shot and the last year has proven that it will be. Cambridge is a good school district and not necessarily in need of new ideas. I’m an outsider with little experience teaching. I can […]

First-ish Principal Observations About Education

March 23, 2016


I’ve recently started putting together presentations about the educational research and work I’ve been doing toward The Puzzle School over the last few years. During that time I’ve been able to explore a large number of diverse educational environments. From that exploration I’ve made some observations that are as close to “first principles” as I […]

The Opportunity Cost of Coercion

December 5, 2015


This is part of an ongoing exploratory series on Educational Ideas It is very difficult to do good work if you don’t care about the work. It is very likely that your best work will only come if you deeply care about the work. There may be some exceptions. You may get lucky and produce […]

Why The Puzzle School?

August 7, 2015


I recently received some feedback that The Puzzle School was not a good name. I detailed that feedback here: Frivolous and Ambitious – Is The Puzzle School Name Worth It? I wanted to write out my thoughts on why I like the name. At its core The Puzzle School is about enjoying the process. The […]

Frivolous and Ambitious – Is The Puzzle School Name Worth It?

August 5, 2015


“I don’t want my kid going to school to do puzzles all day, there is more to life than just puzzles.” “Are they just playing with toys all day?” These are some of the concerns I imagine people expressing when they hear the name, The Puzzle School. Even if someone did understand how puzzles reflect […]