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Five Techniques To Help You Think More Deeply

June 27, 2014


I recently stumbled across a great engineering blog post: Speeding Up Your Engineering Org, Part I: Beyond the Cost Center┬áMentality that got me thinking about the various techniques I’ve come to appreciate as strategies for deep thinking. By “deep thinking” I mean “the exploration of a topic beyond superficially available information”, so instead of thinking […]

A Major Frustration With Khan Academy

January 27, 2013


A blog post by Dan Myer, Pattern Matching In Khan Academy, recently caught my attention. I’m a huge fan of the power of pattern matching, so I was curious to hear about how Khan Academy my be leveraging it. The blog post references another blog post by Stephanie Chang (an engineer at Khan), Takeaways From […]

A-B-D Always Be Disproving

October 21, 2012


We are pattern-matchers. Everyone from writers to musicians to surgeons to lawyers to CEOs to programmers need to have an intimate understanding of the patterns that define their profession in order to be successful. Patterns are also at the heart of stereotypes and numerous other human behaviors such as loss aversion, which can frequently lead […]

Cute Pattern Matching Puzzle

April 23, 2012


Here’s a fun example of a puzzle that celebrates our ability to pattern match. See if you can figure out what these are. Once you get them you’ll be blown away by how effectively this puzzle leverages just simple pattern matching to create a challenging puzzle that seems obvious as soon as you’ve figured it […]

Experts Work With Patterns

April 7, 2012


As you become more experienced/skilled at something you’re really becoming better at recognizing and leveraging patterns. Patterns allow us to load complicated ideas and schemes in to our working memory where we can twist them around more effectively without having to rely on memorization. As a professional software developer I spend every day solving complex […]

Sports, Kids, and Pattern Matching

March 25, 2012


My friends and I are all passionate about sports. We all love to play basketball, football, tennis, golf, etc. We also follow sports passionately, even making the trip down to baseball’s spring training in Arizona every year. Now that we’re all starting to have kids we’ve started to think about how to approach sports with […]