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The Curse Of The Expert

September 16, 2013


I’ve recently completed a very beta version of Circuitous and added it to the front page of The Puzzle School. It only has a few levels so far, but I’ll be adding more as soon as I can. As I go through the process of creating new levels, though, I’m reminded of just how difficult […]

XYFlyer Version 1.0

May 29, 2013


I’ve just released the 1.0 version of XYFlyer to the app store. Here’s a demo video: And you can play it here: As always feedback is appreciated 🙂

Demo of XYFlyer

January 17, 2013


I’ve just created a short demo of XYFlyer: As a note this demo was created for the NYC Schools Gap App Challenge. Here’s my submission: XYFlyer.

No Badges? No Problem.

January 7, 2013


Thanks to @sethleavitt I was able to test out XYFlyer with about 60 8th graders this morning. (there’s really nothing more nerve-wracking as 60 8th graders using your website for the first time. they have an amazing ability to find bugs.) Although they certainly made me feel like XYFlyer has plenty of room for improvement, […]

The Anatomy Of A Puzzle-Based Learning Tool

December 6, 2012


Here is a quick breakdown of the strategies and methods I’m exploring with Light It Up, a fractions puzzle game derived from the game Refraction. Update Some people have asked me about the differences between Light It Up and Refraction. They are almost exactly the same, but there are some differences. Those differences are described […]

Wrestling With The Why In Puzzle-Based Learning

November 8, 2012


I’m currently working on Light It Up, a puzzle game that teaches fraction concepts. It’s based very closely on Refraction, but for various reasons I wanted to create a different version. Currently in this game there is a piece that takes two fractional lasers and adds them together in to one laser. In order for […]

Classic “Falling Blocks” Puzzle Game Reimagined For A Touch-Screen

October 4, 2012


I’ve always been a huge fan of Tetris and for a while now I’ve thought the core concept would work great on a touch screen where you could literally grab the pieces and position them appropriately. I looked around but there weren’t any attempts to make a game where you could grab a block and […]