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No Badges? No Problem.

January 7, 2013


Thanks to @sethleavitt I was able to test out XYFlyer with about 60 8th graders this morning. (there’s really nothing more nerve-wracking as 60 8th graders using your website for the first time. they have an amazing ability to find bugs.) Although they certainly made me feel like XYFlyer has plenty of room for improvement, […]

Classic “Falling Blocks” Puzzle Game Reimagined For A Touch-Screen

October 4, 2012


I’ve always been a huge fan of Tetris and for a while now I’ve thought the core concept would work great on a touch screen where you could literally grab the pieces and position them appropriately. I looked around but there weren’t any attempts to make a game where you could grab a block and […]

Reviewing Educational Websites/Apps

June 15, 2012


I’ve started to review some educational websites and apps over at The Puzzle School: The reviews are focused on websites and apps that fit the model of learning I’m trying to promote through The Puzzle School. Namely one that focuses on the intrinsic motivators of challenge, progress through consistent feedback, and a clear goal. […]

DragonBox Misses The Why

June 13, 2012


Even though I would absolutely recommend DragonBox, it still frustrates me. The main reason is that, in order to teach algebra, they’ve had to strip out all of the “why”. The game abstracts algebra (which is already an abstraction of the real world) to the point that it’s unlikely that someone will walk away from […]

DragonBox – Algebra Meets Angry Birds

June 13, 2012


I just discovered DragonBox, an “Angry Birds”-like game that is all about solving algebraic equations. It may sound boring but they’ve done an excellent job of presenting the math in the form of a puzzle so that you don’t even know you’re solving math equations until it’s too late. Instead of “x” and “y” you […]