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Giving To The Homeless

November 30, 2011


I’ve always struggled with how to treat people I run in to who are asking for help on the street (I’d say homeless people, but I guess I’m not sure if they’re homeless or not though they probably are). Generally speaking I don’t give money to help them as I would prefer to give that […]

The Linda Problem

November 29, 2011


I love problems like the one described in this New York Times Article: Thinking Fast And Slow (it’s a book review and I’ll definitely check the book out) To see how, consider what Kahneman calls the “best-known and most controversial” of the experiments he and Tversky did together: “the Linda problem.” Participants in the experiment […]

Was Becoming A Parent The Right Decision?

November 28, 2011


Six weeks ago my wife gave birth to our first child, a girl we named Abby. I had been warned that it would be very challenging for the first 6 – 12 weeks, but would get better and more rewarding. My own experience over the last 6 weeks is difficult to describe. It’s been more […]

I Want A Cheap Education For My Daughter

November 27, 2011


One of my primary goals in educating my daughter is to develop her skills at being resourceful. To help her become talented at taking few resources and, through creativity and persistence, make the best of any situation. I would be nervous about a school environment where she had access to the best of everything (I […]

Technology Can Benefit Nuanced Interactions (Apple Recognized This)

November 27, 2011


Apple continues to show that it has more creative initiative and nuanced understanding of its customers then most companies. There’s always been a dilemma in retail. You want to help the customer, but you don’t want to pester them. Ideally the customer approaches you and asks for help, but if you’re not available or the […]

Exploring Montessori

November 26, 2011


The Montessori educational philosophy seems to be the closest to what I have in mind. It has children of different ages working together, encourages choice and independence for the child, and of course is more focused on development of the child over any specific skill set, let alone memorization of facts. Montessori is not widely […]

I’m Actively Considering Home Schooling

November 26, 2011


Frankly I think home schooling is a better option then most schools provide today. The one major downside is that my daughter would get less exposure to her peers, but once kids reach a certain age (probably around middle school) I think the socialization skills they learn in school actually tend to be more detrimental […]